Case Studies

Case Studies

Detached Shed, Woodbury
This was a detached shed that was a part of an insurance claim involving wind damage. 
Previous roofer left roof unfinished
The Builder called us and told us that the roofing company they used did not finish the job and would not come back. He needed it done fast.
Gutters (cream color) and Screens, Hendersonville
A tree fell on the homeowners gutters damaging their gutters and screens. The challenge her is getting the color close to matching the rest of the gutters. 
Poor Install leads to leaks
This homeowner contacted Jewell Roofing after experiencing a leak. Jewell came out and did an inspection on the roof and found several holes in the roof. The home was only...
Spash Guards, Goodletsville
Homeowner had water running over his gutters and onto his door.
Multiple layers of shingles in Madison
There are roofing companies out there that will do a "lay over" this is when you take new shingles and install them on top of the existing shingles. This is a cheaper alternative...
Springfield, TN leaking roof repair
After the homeowner explained she had a leak from her house to a porch that was an addition A roof inspection was preformed, from a simple inspection it was easy to see when...
Anitoch Chimney cap
This project came about as a call in for a roof repair. The homeowner had called around to a few companies in middle, TN. But couldn't get anyone to come out and take a look...
Make sure you know your roofer!
When this Nashville homeowner first called Jewell roofing they were calling because of missing shingles and leaks. Upon the first inspection the missing shingle and cause...
Nashville chimney leak repair
This project started when Mr. S called Jewell Roofing off a referral from coworkers. He called in because he kept having leaks inside his home, coming from around the area...
Nashville apratment EPDM roof replacement
This roof replacement was subbed out to Jewell Roofing during an apartment complex remodel. The shingle roof had 2 layers existing as the existing EPDM roof had 3 layers....
Ice Dam, West Nashville
Jewell Roofing was called when Mrs & Mr. D started experiencing leaks. This was shortly after a period of a little bit of snow and ice in December. Then a lot of rain...
Brentwood, Chimney Cricket Installation
Upon recently purchasing this Brentwood, TN home, the home owner had comissioned an inspection report. The report stated that the existing roof only had 25% of its functionable...
Flat Roof Repair Franklin
This repair came about because Mrs. B's front porch was leaking. After inspection of the front porch it was found to have some holes in the seams of the flat roofing. Several...
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