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Jewell Roofing & Exteriors Case Studies: Brentwood, Chimney Cricket Installation

Wednesday, August 23rd, 2017 by Matt Sublett


Upon recently purchasing this Brentwood, TN home, the home owner had comissioned an inspection report. The report stated that the existing roof only had 25% of its functionable life left and that it may not weather through a strong winter. To avoid being left exposed to the cold elements of winter, this homeowner got in touxch with us through being reffered by a close friend and asked us what their options were. We asked what the homeowneevr's goals were and established that a long lifespan, a good clean looking finish and resitance to wind and water was of most importantce to them. Our chimney crickets are recommended for any chimney wider than 2 feet and as this chimney did not have a cricket to divert water away from the chimney brick at the base of the chimney, we knew what we had to do. If you don't have a cricket the main problem can be leaks. Anytime you have water flowing right into brick the water can erode away the brick over time and lead to leaking. 


A cricket is a fairly simple solution, once the shingles are removed as they were in the project. You add 2x4's and OSB to create the cricket. You re-flash the regret, which is the metal flashing already existing on the chimney. You add step flashing in between the reglet and the cricket. Then you add your underlayment on top. Then re-shingle over the cricket. This make it to where the water is diverted around the chimney and flows to the side of the chimney. Preventing the water from eroding the brick and stooping future leaks. 

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