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Jewell Roofing & Exteriors Case Studies: Anitoch Chimney cap

Thursday, August 31st, 2017 by Matt Sublett


This project came about as a call in for a roof repair. The homeowner had called around to a few companies in middle, TN. But couldn't get anyone to come out and take a look at her roof as its hard to find companies to tackle "small" jobs sometimes. I did a roof inspection for her she had some leaking from the chimney and wanted to replace the chimney pan as it had been the original pan when the house was built. She was also worried about the rest stain left behind from the old pan that was leaving a stain down the siding. Now the rest of the roof was in pretty good shape, so we went about the process of replacing the chimney pan. This can be a lengthy process as chimney pans are not a one size fits all product. These have to be special made and the process can take a few weeks. 


I took the measurements of the existing chimney pan and placed an order with the metal shop in town that makes these kind of things. I did make a few adjustments with the new pan. I made it slightly larger so that water wouldn't just run of the pan on to the siding. I also add a lip at the bottom of the pan so that water would be directed of the pan away from the house. There were a few snags in the process, the metal shop got some of Jewell's orders mixed up and accidentally built the wrong pan the first time. Weirdly enough we had placed two orders for chimney pans at the same time. The metal shop built one but not the other. So this did delay the project a little bit but our homeowner was very understanding. Once the correct pan was built we were able to get it installed a few days later. The installation took one day to complete. As you can see from the photos the homeowner also wanted a colored metal instead of galvanized like the original pan. So she selected a charcoal color which fit nicely with the color scheme of the house. 

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