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Jewell Roofing & Exteriors Case Studies: Ice Dam, West Nashville

Thursday, March 1st, 2018 by Matt Sublett


Jewell Roofing was called when Mrs & Mr. D started experiencing leaks. This was shortly after a period of a little bit of snow and ice in December. Then a lot of rain in January. After an examination of the leak inside it was determined that the cause of the leak was the awkward low slope of the porch, combined with the lack of ice and water shield on the low slope portion of the roof. Ice dams occur when water freezes underneath the shingles of the roof. This is caused by felt paper that is stapled or tacked on to the decking of the roof when the roof is installed. Air and moisture is able to form underneath, temperatures drop and a sheet of ice forms. With the sidewall being right next to the low slope roof. The ice shield most likely crept down the sidewall afterwards into the home. 


The solution here was to remove the shingles and install ice and water shield underneath. Change out the step flashing and install drip edge along the edge of the roof. Then re-shingle the entire area. Once Jewell Roofing began tearing off the effected area the decking was in worse shape then suspected. The decking had multiple holes where the wood had rotted out from the leak as well as serious water damage. New decking was installed in the area. Then ice and water shield was installed on top along with the drip edge. Ice and water shield was used instead of felt. Ice and water shield is a peel and stick adhesive. That means it sticks directly to the decking unlike regular felt paper. This product is recommend for low slope roofs to prevent ice damning. Because there is now air space for moisture to form underneath the shingles this prevents ice damming. Next step flashing was switched out then the area was re-shingled. This project took one day to complete. 

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