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Jewell Roofing & Exteriors Case Studies: Make sure you know your roofer!

Wednesday, July 26th, 2017 by Matt Sublett


When this Nashville homeowner first called Jewell roofing they were calling because of missing shingles and leaks. Upon the first inspection the missing shingle and cause of the leaks were obvious. What was not expected was what the condition of the back side of the roof was like. A few years previous the homeowner had experienced a hail storm. They had a local handy man come in and redo the roof. Well the handy man went wild wild west with his work. First they just layered new shingles on top of old shingles. If you don't know the negative effects this can have on your home please reference the chase study Multiple layers of shingles in Madison. Second he did not complete the job. He took the shingles to the top of each ridge but did not cap the shingles off with ridge cap shingles. Third he left trash and materials on the roof. Lastly its like they ran out of materials and did completely over lay a 2nd layer in certain areas. Just leaving the roof incomplete. The homeowner had no idea and of course could not get a hold of the original handyman. 




The only thing you can really do to get a job completely right when something like this occurs is to strip everything off and start over. That's exactly what Jewell Roofing did overr the course of two days. The old layers were completely stripped off the roof down to the decking. New felt, flashing, ridge vents, pipe jacks, field, ridge and starter shingles were installed. The leaks have stopped and the roof is no longer in disaray. 

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