Replacing Your Roof is a Serious Investment

Wednesday, January 18th, 2017

Replacing your roof is a serious investment. A good roof should last 30 years, so it’s important to do your research before hiring someone to do the work.

When having your roof replaced, you don’t want your contractor to use air guns to nail the shingles down. Air guns are a great tool for jobs like framing or trim work, but when used for installing a roof, they can cause problems.

When a contractor uses an air gun to install a roof, they move the gun across the shingle at a fast pace; when using a tool at a fast pace, it makes it easy to miss the very narrow nailing area, which is only about ½-inch wide. If the gun isn’t held perfectly level with the nailing surface, the nail will be driven in at an angle. Angled nails do not permit the shingle to seal properly and allow wind to get underneath it.

Additional problems with nail guns include over- and under-driven nails and crooked nails. Insurance companies have been known to turn down claims for improperly installed roofs.

It shouldn’t cost you any more money to have your roof hand-nailed, however, hand nailing requires a lot of experience. Jewell Roofing and Exteriors has that experience. For the best roofer in Middle Tennessee, call Jewell Roofing and Exteriors at 1-615-868-9999.

Don’t take shortcuts when replacing your roof! Call the best in the business!

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