Ice Dams?

Wednesday, January 18th, 2017

This weather is causing havoc on roofs all across Middle Tennessee! The end IS in sight, at least for a while, but the warmer weather can cause more problems with your roof than you think.

Right now, the problems are ice dams on roofs that force water into homes, flooding, car damage and broken water pipes. And then there are the potholes… oh the potholes are terrible, aren’t they?!

By next week, the warm-up could last for days – which will speed up the thaw — and the need for homeowners and public officials alike to manage it quickly.

Tennessee residents are fighting to remove ice and snow from roofs to prevent melted water from getting trapped behind it, backing up under the shingles and inside their homes. Companies like Jewell Roofing and Exteriors can help! There’s bound to be multiple roofing issues as all of this snow and ice melts, so don’t get left with a damaged roof! Call us today at 1-615-868-9999.

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