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Wednesday, January 18th, 2017

So you finally did it. You bought your first home! Congratulations! It is both an exciting and overwhelming time for you as a first-time homeowner! Jewell Roofing and Exteriors has a few tips that could save you a pretty penny down the line!

Read your home-inspection report!

1. Pull out your home-inspection report and reread it. Use the report as a handy maintenance checklist. Most inspections take place during a stressful time. Be proactive. Take care of issues as soon as or before they arise.

Know your enemy

2. Did you know that water is about 90% of a homeowner’s problems? Your homes basement, foundation and roof are the most susceptible to costly water damage and corrosion.

Inspect your bathrooms, laundry rooms and kitchens regularly for water leaks. Be sure to caulk around doors and windows to prevent water from seeping into your walls. Outside, keep water routed at least 5 feet from the foundation.

Maintaining your homes gutter system is a major line of defense against water damage. Leaves, dust and dirt from shingles can result in a clog that forces water out and down into the foundation.

Don’t overlook your roof!

3.Roofs should be on the maintenance checklist. If your roof is more than 12 years old, get it professionally inspected by Jewell Roofing and Exteriors.

Take charge of circuits

4.Map out your homes electrical system by determining which outlets serve which circuits and then labeling the breakers. A tripped circuit is a red flag for an overloaded breaker. Update electrical wiring in homes 10 years or older.

Make sure GFCI outlets (ground fault circuit interrupters) are installed near all sinks, in the laundry room and garage, and on exterior outlets. This inexpensive fix (best to hire an electrician) helps prevent electrocutions and fires.

Know your shut-offs

5. The main electrical shut-off should be a switch either at the main breaker panel or outside near a service entrance.

The water shut-off valve will be on a wall of the house facing the street. These areas need to be easily accessible.

Inspect for leaks

6. Inspect all plumbing and fixtures. Make sure the shut-off valves on toilets and sinks turn easily and are not rusted shut. If they are corroded, replace them.

If the faucet is leaking, then it needs a washer. If your toilet is running all of the time, a flapper valve needs replacing. Have slow drains looked at immediately to prevent costly backups.

Consider warranties

7. Warranties can be tricky. Sometimes a warranty can cost as much as a replacement/repair. Do your research.

Buy and update your homeowners insurance

8. Get replacement coverage to cover property damage. Make sure your policy outlines exactly what will be covered in case of a catastrophe. Video and/or photograph all valuables. Keep a list of serial numbers and write down dates of purchases for possible reimbursement proof.

Buy a flood policy

9. Get flood insurance even if your home isn’t near a flood zone. Remember the flood of 2010?

Do your homework

10. Compare property taxes with similar homes’ taxes in your neighborhood. If all things are equal such as square footage and upgrades, protest your rate increase with the assessor’s office.

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