Green Roof Ideas

Wednesday, January 18th, 2017

These days, everyone is talking about doing what’s right for the environment! The roofing community is no exception. Jewell Roofing and Exteriors is Middle Tennessee’s leading roofing company for a reason; we listen to our customers and deliver on their wants!

Looking for some green ideas for your roof?

Vegetated Roofs – How does planting a garden on top of your roof sound? For people that are looking for an easy way to set up a vegetated without a lot of investment, Green Paks are a good choice. The Paks are a combination of engineered nutrient rich soil, and if you choose, are pre-seeded to fit the homeowners region. They are placed directly on your roof, opened and either simply watered or filled with plants of your choice. The product can easily cover an entire roof.

Rain Guards – Many green roof companies are focusing on establishing drainage and runoff containment systems on roofs. Rain guards are special rubber edging that keeps rainfall on vegetated roofs in the soil and plants, instead of on the ground. This prevents water from running off into the streets where it often collects filth and chemicals, dirtying the water it drains into and destroying wildlife.

Transparent Solar Cells – Solar shingles are amazing! Companies have begun making solar silicon cells so thin they’re actually transparent. These cells can be worked into windows to generate energy while still letting light into your home.

Light pipes – Skylights are getting more high tech! Light pipes are used to harvest natural light. The fixtures funnel sunlight from large, plastic bubbles on the roof, and channel it through highly reflective, broad pipes into buildings.

Personal Wind Turbines – Love the idea of wind energy? Companies are making rooftop turbines small enough for office buildings or even home use. Imagine a windy afternoon providing the energy in your house.

Metal Roofs  – While metal roofs are not a new technology, their benefits for sustainability are just now being marketed and their availability for an average homeowner has skyrocketed. The metal shingles are extremely easy to recycle, incredibly durable and are a preferred roofing material for homes utilizing rain-catching systems.

Whether you’re interested in a green roof, or an asphalt shingle roof, call the professionals in the industry – Jewell Roofing and Exteriors at 1-615-868-9999. We are the most trusted name in the industry!

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