How Often Should I Clean my Gutters?

Wednesday, January 18th, 2017

Gutters should be cleaned at least once in the summer and twice in the fall.

At Jewell Roofing & Gutters, LLC, we care about your investment and here we have provided you with a few general maintenance tips for the spring and fall time.

Roof and gutters

  • To prevent leaves from clogging the drains, clean all of your gutters and consider putting in gutter screens.
  • Check your gutter joints and make sure they are sealed.
  • Make sure your roof is free of debris (branches, leaves, etc.).
  • If any trees are touching your roof, trim them back or contact a professional.
  • Check all your roof flashings, skylights, fireplaces and vents. Make sure they are free of debris.
  • Repeat these steps twice a year to ensure that your roof will be in top condition throughout the year.

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