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Woodbury Roof Replacement

This roof was replaced due to an insurance claim due to wind damage. This roof was replaced with a 30 year Owens Corning Shingle, color estate gray. This replacement took 3 days to complete due to the steep pitch and the size of the roof. 

Gallatin Chimney Repair

Homeowner had a leaky old chimney. We fixed it with new counter flashing and new shingles. Homeowner was very happy.

Hendersonville Hail Damage Roof Replacement

After a recent hail storm Mrs. S called into the office to have a roof inspection. Upon the roof inspection there was enough hail damage to warrant filling an insurance claim. Since we were contacted before the insurance company, we were able to be present when the insurance adjuster came for his adjustment. This helped to come to an agreement on scope of work quickly, as well as a price. This was a very large project took one entire week to complete. But since we were able to meet with the insurance company up front the claim was closed very shortly after completion of work. The homeowners only out of pocket cost through the entire process was just the insurance deductible. 

Goodletsville, TN Wind Damage Roof Replaement

Mr. Reese had wind damage to his roof. I came out and told him that he needed to file a claim. He did that and I went out and met the adjust to make surethat he got a full roof replacement. He had a 3 tab roof and now has a nice architectural roof.

Smyrna, Roof Replacement, Wind Damage, Owens Corning Black

Homeowner called because he had missing shingles. I tarped his roof then called the insurance. We were able to get him a full roof replacement.

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