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Roof Repair Case Studies: Nashville chimney leak repair

Thursday, October 12th, 2017 by Matt Sublett


This project started when Mr. S called Jewell Roofing off a referral from coworkers. He called in because he kept having leaks inside his home, coming from around the area of the chimney. When I went out to meet with Mr. S I first examined where the leak was coming from inside the home. I then inspected the roof and as soon as I looked at the chimney I knew this was the source of the problem. Not just from the obvious roofing tar that was covering the area. As I looked at the chimney I noticed there was really nowhere for the water to go coming down the roof except directly into the chimney. For anyone with a chimney, the number one thing you don't want to have is water heading directly for your chimney. Most of the time crickets are the answer for this problem. I have written other chase studies about crickets. But because of the way the metal porch roof was tied to the main house around the chimney a traditional cricket was not possible. 


To fix Mr. S's problem we first removed the black metal that was connected to the shingles and the porch metal. We redecked this area with OSB and used ice and water shield as the underlayment. There was a good bit of pitch added when the OSB was installed. This creates a valley for the water to go down around the chimney. Forcing the water one direction off the roof away from the chimney instead of directly into it. We then reflashed the metal around the base of the chimney and installed shingles that were matching to the existing ones. This project took about half a day to complete and fixed Mr. S's problem as it rained two straight days after with no leaks. 

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