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Roof Replacement Gallatin

This roof replacement came about because the previous 3-tab shingles kept blowing off. The homeowners decide to upgrade to a new Owens Croning Oakridge Trudef driftwood shingle that is rated for 110 mph. Where the previous 3 tab shingles were only rated for 60 mph. This replacement took one full day for both removal and install. 

Hermitage Roof Replacement

This job came about due to the homeowner's insurance company no longer covering their roof. Mr. & Mrs. A called into the office to request a quote. The Jewell Salesmen was able to go out and get the need specifications while the homeowners were at work and set a later time to meet with the homeowners to go over the project. Jewell understands that many homeowners have to work during the hours of 8-5 so follow up appointments are often after those hours when its convenient for the homeowner. The previous roof was a 20 year 3 tab that was at the end of its life, 18 years old. The new roof installed was a Owens Corning Oakridge Tru def driftwood. 

Goodlettsville, TN Roof Replacement

This roof came about due to some leaks and the current roof had reached the end of its usable life. The new roof was installed in two days. The shingle used was an Owens Corning Oakridge Brownwood. 

Madison, TN Roof Replacement

This roof came about off of a referral from a previous Jewell Customer. The Homeowner was experiencing leaking, and the previous roof was a 3 tab roof with 2 layers of shingles. When you have 2 layers of shingles its almost impossible to find the exact spot for leaks. The roof had reached almost the end of its usable life, so the homeowner decided to go ahead and replaced the entire thing. It took a full 4 days to complete. There were about 80 osb boards of decking that had to be replaced, as the section with two layers and serious damaged to the decking underneath. We also changed out the exhaust vents for ridge vents, as well as installed a new cricket on the chimney. 

Greenbrier roof replacement- Due to leaks

This project came about because of constant leaking. Mr. D called into the office to schedule a roof inspection. Along inspection Mat found that the roof was not properly installed in several places which lead to leaks. The roof was removed and replaced in one day. The new shingles used were Owens Corning Oakridge Tru Definition Driftwood. After the roof was replaced the leaks stopped. 

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