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Residential Roof Replacement Photo Album: Roof Replacement in Murfreesboro with Certainteed Landmark Charcoal Black

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This project came about after Mr. D looked up Jewell Roofing online and called in for a quote. The property was undergoing a remodel. The roof was around 20 years old and had a 3 tab shingle on it. There was some reoccurring leaking around a pipe boot and the roof was at the end of its usable life.

During this project, an old power vent that no longer was working was removed. A new ridge vent was installed to balance out the ventilation. There was a cricket built in front of the chimney. Chimney's wider than 2 ft need crickets built in front of them to properly divert water away from the chimney. This prevents water damage at the base of the chimney which can lead to leaks in the roof. The shingles installed here were a Certainteed Landmark Charcoal Black shingle which has a 110 mph wind rating. This is an upgrade from the previous 3 tab. 

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